Joshua Lieberman Photography (JIL Studio) specializes in creating powerful architectural and interior visuals in a style relentless with its exploitation of both negative space and perspective awareness.

Established nearly 10 years ago in Tokyo Japan, we have had the honor of providing our services internationally to numerous architectural design firms and real-estate developers. Helping smaller firms win competitions and design awards and grow their businesses as well as larger companies modernize and diversify the look of their portfolios.

Our work has appeared in numerous magazines as well as advertising campaigns.

We like to work in an openly communicative, one-to-one basis with all of our clients. From initial direction to scene manipulation to image finalization, we are deadline and goal focused. Committed to delivering the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time.

We come to you packaged with a deep understanding of the unique demands created by the vastly malleable digitized world of architectural design. Whilst maintaining a deeply rooted awareness of the analogue side of its reality. Where visual field, perspective and light are fixed notions inside the eye of a single lens. Rendering in contrast to camera reality.

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Behind the scenes